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Balrog (Cave Story)

Blocky henchman in service to The Doctor

Balrog (Cave Story)

Balrog, the consummate henchman, is a boss in Cave Story. He resembles a toaster or a more blocky Kool-Aid Man, but has been described by Cave Story developer Daisuke Amaya as a bar of soap twisted beyond recognition1. His past is shrouded in mystery, though once the soldier [

] awakens on the floating island, Balrog is the muscle behind the mad doctor, and has been sent to terrorize and kidnap the Mimiga inhabitants of the island for use in The Doctor's experiments to create the ultimate soldier.

> Dossier

The Island
Misery (ally)
The Doctor (subordinate of)

Categories & Concepts
  1. Cave Story - Developer's Voice (via TV Tropes: Cave Story Trivia)

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