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Intelligent Systems

A game developer and subsidiary of Nintendo

Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems is a subsidiary of Nintendo who were officially formed in December 1986 with a capital of ¥3,300,000 after helping contribute on Metroid and Wrecking Crew. They proceeded to assist Nintendo with Famicom Wars as well as creating the development tools for the Game Boy and later the Super NES, and assisting Nintendo with the development tools of nearly every single subsequent handheld game console and game console.

The group has worked on a number of titles for Nintendo, including Duck Hunt, Mario Paint, Super Metroid and Tetris Attack. They also worked with Nintendo R&D1 in 1990 on Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi - the first title in the Fire Emblem series.

The group began to do more than contribute when it had its first big title in 2000 with Paper Mario. In 2001 the company brought the Nintendo Wars series to the United States for the first time with Advance Wars on the Game Boy Advance. 2007 saw the company release Super Paper Mario for the Wii and in 2011 they had their Nintendo 3DS debut - the eShop game Pushmo (known as Pullblox in Europe) - which was released to critical acclaim1.

Company Profile2

Trading Name
December, 1986
Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Ryoichi Kitanishi
Toshiyuki Nakamura
Employees (as of April 2011)
59 programmers
4 hardware engineers
12 game planners
42 graphic designers
7 sound creators
6 other business/project staff
130 total
Major Franchises
Fire Emblem series
Nintendo Wars series
Paper Mario series
Official Site (Japanese) (English)

Categories & Concepts
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  2. Intelligent Systems (Japanese)

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