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A Magikoopa in the Koopa Troop


"Yoshi dear, that baby is going to mean disaster for the Koopas! So give him here before you get hurt by accident!"

First appearing as an antagonist in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Kamek (カメック) is an old and powerful magikoopa who raised Bowser. He wears a set of blue robes and a pair of round glasses, and wields a golden scepter which allows him to fire magical blasts. He also has the power to shrink and grow creatures, teleport, predict future events, and fly on a broom.

Kamek is utterly devoted to Bowser, aside from raising him he follows every order and wish of his master. There is no question about his evil nature; he attempts to kidnap Mario and Luigi while they are babies due to the foreseen problems they will cause his master in the future.

He has appeared in a variety of Nintendo games, most notably the Yoshi series where he is the primary antagonist.

Super Mario RPG
"Magikoopa" in *Super Mario RPG*

"Magikoopa" in Super Mario RPG

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, a brainwashed magikoopa appears as a boss. If players read his mind with Mallow's Psychopath ability, the Magikoopa will state "That's... my child?", referring to Bowser, whom he raised. However, when the game was translated to English, the character was just called "Magikoopa". This has caused confusion among fans and led many to believe it was another character altogether. In the Japanese version, the character has the name "Kamezādo" (カメザード, literally "Turtle Wizard") and his Psychopath line is 「キイーッウキイーーッ! あの時の赤んぼう!?」 "Kiiukiii! The baby from that time!?", implying that he is the Magikoopa from Yoshi's Island. After he is defeated, he makes a Coin Block that has an infinite amount of coins appear for the player.1


Full Name
Kamek the Evil Magikoopa
First Appearance
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Game Series
Yoshi series
Mario series
Super Mario series
Mario Party series
Mario & Luigi series
Koopa, Magikoopa
A high-ranking member of the Koopa Troop and advisor to Bowser


Kamek's name comes from the Japanese カメック (Kamekku) which is derived from カメ (kame) which means turtle.

Categories & Concepts
  1. Kamek - Super Mario Wiki

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