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Mega Man (character)

Mega Man (character)

Alternate names
Rockman (ロックマン) [Japan]
First Appearance
Mega Man
Game Series
Mega Man series
Dr. Light (creator)
Dr. Wily (nemesis)
Sigma (nemesis)
Robot masters (nemeses)
Year of creation
A.I. age
Around 10 years old
132 cm (4'4")
105 kg (230 lbs)
Solar energy
Ceramic titanium alloy
Maximum output
Maximum torque


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Do Japanese developers have trouble understanding North American audiences?

In a recent interview, Mega Man creator and former Capcom employee, Keiji Inafune stated that Japanese developers don't understand the North American gamer, in terms of what they want in a game. Do you agree or disagree? I have listed a link to the article as well as a response from YouTube webshow host Gaijin Goomah. I realize that some of our members do not live in North America, but I would still like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Read the article here

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