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Nintendo 3DS

A handheld game console from Nintendo

Nintendo 3DSshadow
Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS is a handheld game console from Nintendo which can produce 3D effects. Unveiled at E3 2010, it is the successor to Nintendo DS and is backward compatible with all DS and DSi games.

How 3D works on 3DS

How 3D works on 3DS

Release Dates

February 26, 2011
United States
March 27, 2011
March 25, 2011
March 31, 2011

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News & Blogs

So the big picture here is that the rise of the mobile gaming market … is largely the emigration of consumers who stopped in briefly to play Nintendo’s hardware but had no long-term interest in that kind of platform.

Nintendo’s core market is still intact, and they are still growing their market. The explosive growth of gaming on mobile platforms could mostly be additive to the overall market, without threatening Nintendo.

Gamasutra's Matt Mathews, Nintendo's core handheld market is stable

We have not designed Nintendo 3DS and Wii U to be mere improved versions of their predecessors... We have designed them so that they can realize what has been impossible.

  1. via Game|Life: Nintendo’s Iwata Pledges ‘Unprecedented’ 3DS, Wii U Games

Nintendo 3DS Lite

Nintendo 3DS Lite

In a recent blog post at Kotaku, the question is posed: is Nintendo releasing a 3DS Lite?. A more apt question would be when is Nintendo releasing a 3DS Lite? Nintendo has released updated versions of every single handheld it has ever produced: Game Boy got both a Pocket update and a Light version, Game Boy Advance was retrofitted into a folding SP and later scaled down to Micro size, and Nintendo DS got a sleeker, slimmer Lite followed by an i and an XL. Not counting the six years between the original Game Boy release and Pocket update, Nintendo has retrofitted its handheld hardware within two years on average (GBA 2001, SP 2003, Micro 2005; DS 2004, Lite 2006, DSi 2008, DSiXL 2009). Read on

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