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Writing a better Sblog article

Submitting news and blog posts to is easy if you follow the FAQ, but there are a few guidelines that you should consider in order to write a better article that will be better received by your readers. Read on

All Article Types

Do capitalize only the first letter and proper nouns (game titles, people, companies, etc.) in your Headline; Don't use periods or exclamation points; Don't abbreviate game titles.

Do make use of the <!--more--> tag in your article so your posts aren't cut off in mid-sentence when displayed in post lists. Do customize the link words of the more tag by including your custom text within the more tag. For example, if you wanted to change your more text from the default to “Keep reading this post”, you would replace the usual <!--more--> tag with:
<!--more Keep reading this post-->

Do always link to games, people, categories, and topics on the first mention of them in your article. Linking to these things is simple: just add double square brackets around the phrase. See the Formatting Guide for more information on linking to content pages within the site.

Public Stream Articles
Write as if you knew nothing of the topic at all

Present the information as if you are just learning some interesting new details. If you fail to do this you may alienate your readers who aren't as in-the-know. Take the following introductory sentence, for example:

In last week's Famitsu, Kojima revealed some new information about Metal Gear Solid 4.

Consider the following instead:

In <a href="">last week's Famitsu</a>, new information was revealed about [[Metal Ger Solid 4]] from director [[Hideo Kojima]].

Not only are you supplying the information in a clear fashion, but you are also giving links in case the reader wants more information.

Citations in English

Sometimes you may find it more appropriate to use language to cite your sources rather than using footnotes or citations. Consider, for example:

Japanese magazine Famitsu has scored [[Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker]] 40/40<sup id="fnref:1" class="citation inline_citations"><a href="#fn:1" rel="footnote">1</a></sup>. This makes the title the 14th to receive the coveted perfect score. Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft has lashed out<sup id="fnref:2" class="citation inline_citations"><a href="#fn:2" rel="footnote">2</a></sup>, citing the fact that the magazine is actually available in the game...</p>

<div class="footnotes notes inline_citations"></div>


<ol><li id="fn:1" class="footnote-ref"><span>

<p><a href="" target="_blank">Kotaku</a> <a href="#fnref:1" class="backlink">↩</a></p>

<li id="fn:2" class="footnote-ref"><span>

<p> Kotaku

On post lists (such as the home page), the citations in the above text will appear in-line with the text, causing a disruption of the reading flow. Consider the following instead:

As <strong><a href="" title="Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Scores Famitsu's Latest 40/40">reported by Kotaku</a></strong>, Japanese magazine Famitsu has scored [[Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker]] 40/40. This makes the title the 14th to receive the coveted perfect score. Kotaku's Brian Ashcraft has <strong><a href="" title="Do Not Trust This Magazine’s Review Scores">lashed out</a></strong>, citing the fact that the magazine is actually available in the game...

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