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Bring back Ogre Battle!

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  1. granted there's only 2 english games available, Ogre Battle 64 happens to be my favorite. Yes, it was a commercial flop, but part of that was due to Atlus failing to ship as many copies as they had been planning...and because most hard-core rpg fans had moved to the Playstation. Ogre Battle 64 has a lot of depth and customization. Basically the only thing you can compare it to is march of the black queen. I actually haven't played the Tactics Ogre games yet, though I'm looking into them. Basically I think not many people like Ogre Battle 64 because not a lot of people have actually played it. I know it's not likely squareenix will make another game in the series anytime soon, but if anyone reads this you should look into the past games.

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    • Tue January 25, 2022
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