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Square Enix closes official Dragon Quest Site


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  1. This was posted on a official Square Enix site (, that looks quite amazing, with a forums and all. Also with the latest official Dragon Quest news.

    This was left on November 15, 2007.

    "Square Enix Says Goodbye to Slime Knights
    Dear Slime Knights,

    After two eventful years, the official DRAGON QUEST online community will suspend its operations on November 30, 2007.

    The SLIME KNIGHTS initiative grew out of the monumental marketing campaign for the North American release of DRAGON QUEST VIII, and continued to grow to eventually encompass DRAGON QUEST HEROES: ROCKET SLIME and DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS: Joker. It has been a long and exciting journey through which we've been able to share quite a few ups and downs, successes and shortcomings. We've learned a lot during this time, and we look forward to applying this knowledge to grander community experiences in the future.

    Just because is no longer a live destination on the internet, though, does not mean you stop being a Slime Knight. As long as you continue to share with others your passion for DRAGON QUEST you're fulfilling your role as a Slime Knight.

    It's become a trite maxim, but we truly could not have had a community without your generous support and participation. You made your experiences in this community through your own effort.

    And we hope you'll bring those experiences back to enrich future communities and DRAGON QUEST titles, be it in a sequel to Slime Knights or an entirely new members' space. Keep an eye on and stay in touch with your fellow Slime Knights until that time comes.

    Thank you, and see you around.


    November 2007"

    I don't know if any of you know about this site. I never knew this site existed, and I love all the Dragon Quest games. It seems pretty cool, you can win prizes (that you actually want) and stuff like that.

    I'm not sure but it scares me a little as a Dragon Quest fan, I love all of the games that have been released here. Does this mean some of the Dragon Quest games might not be coming to America due to sales?

    I hope not. :[

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  2. Dragon Quest has never been as popular as Final Fantasy here in the States, but I too hope that localization plans won't be pulled because of the smaller fanbase. If all else fails, all they really need to do is add more FF demo discs to the DQ games' packages. If not, Square Enix employee heads will roll, because I will get my Dragon Quest Swords.

    Regarding Slime Knights, it's a shame. I actually discovered that community some time ago, and was genuinely interested in participating in the events that took place over there. As with most things, I ended up lazy and never got around to it. Figures that I'd be reminded by the closure notice. Shux!

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  3. I will miss it also...let's hope it returns. We are already gettingSords for the Wii, and hopefully 4-6 for the DS (seems probable as the translation is almost complete for multiple languages).

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    • Tue November 24, 2020
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