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Discussion Point: the transition from Final Fantasy XII to XIII

  1. I doubt that. It depends what all you count. If you count everything that is Final Fantasy, then you have to include Final Fantasy Adventure (actually Seiken), Final Fantasy Legend I-III (actually part of the SaGa series), Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (both), all the compilation games, and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. And then what about Ergheiz, Chocobo Racing, Chocobo's Dungeon, and even Dynami-Tracer? Even if you restrict it to just the 'core' games, what about all the various remakes and redos? There's enough different for most people to call them different games (some more than others). Final Fantasy III on NES and Final Fantasy III on DS are VERY different games trust me. And for that matter FFI on NES versus any other version except the Wonderswan Color version feels like a totally different game.

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    • Mon August 10, 2020
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