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Discussion Point: the transition from Final Fantasy XII to XIII

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  1. ...Lest we forget that with each new Final Fantasy comes this exact thing--an impassable round of debate and insult that only stops once the game is actually released.

    Are Nomura's games or aesthetic really that appalling? His style could use an update. When I first saw screens for The World Ends With You I was under the impression it was some sort of KH spin-off. Sigma Harmonics has an interesting style the hearkens back somewhat to FFVIII which showed a more reserved (yes, reserved) and tasteful style than the previous game or that was later used in Kingdom Hearts and the various FFVII compilation items. So far, XIII appears to follow this sense rather than taking one idea to all of its possible extremes.

    Square still has the budget and talent that allows them to put on one hell of a show whether or not it's really playable. Advent Children was visually spectacular. Even some of Square's more lackluster titles (Samurai Legend Musashi, Unlimited SaGa) all show great use of Square's resources. Obviously they're going to throw everything they have into another Final Fantasy title. Could everyone's distaste for the series be because we've grown up? Are the games maturing any? I'm convinced FFXII's quality in comparison was a fluke.

    I'm not excited for XIII but I have no doubt it will be a good game at the very least and at most the first RPG of this generation to set any sort of standard. Fable II, Eternal Sonata, and Tales of Whateveria be damned.

    Also sup, first post~

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    • Sat November 27, 2021
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