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Discussion Point: the transition from Final Fantasy XII to XIII

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  1. Hito said:
    Could everyone's distaste for the series be because we've grown up? Are the games maturing any? I'm convinced FFXII's quality in comparison was a fluke.

    I think you're on to something. now that we've grown up, we're less tolerant of the sophomoric themes and trite discourse that exude from Nomura's games.

    As for FFXII, if by fluke you mean a departure from the normal direction the series has taken, a departure envisioned by a different development group and led by Yasumi Matsuno, I'm totally down with you there. If you compare the FFXII staff to other games, you would see that it has much less in common with FFVIII, X, X-2, Kingdom Hearts, and the like, than those Nomura-inspired games have with each other.

    And welcome!!!!!!!!!

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    • Sat November 27, 2021
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