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Discussion Point: the transition from Final Fantasy XII to XIII

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  1. I think it's interesting that we're now finally seeing what the game actually looks like, rather than what some people hope it looks like (CG/FMV) or Square Enix target renders it to look like. Now we have some flat textures, blurry shit on screen and guns with octogonal barrels. And two different character models, a tradition since FF7! At least that means they've gotten past the fantasizing part and started working on some real shit. I can get with that.

    Oh yeah and the battle system looks like a fancy pants version of FFX-2, so I'm OK with that as long as it plays well, which I think it will considering the team on this game has delivered in the past. I'm a little disappointed it has no visible references to FFXII's gameplay system, but that might just be because we haven't seen them yet (remember when early FFXII screens made it look like it used an ATB battle system akin to FFX's?)

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    • Sat December 4, 2021
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