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Discussion Point: the transition from Final Fantasy XII to XIII

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  1. Well, if the rare object wasn't hard to get, what would be rare about it?

    Besides, if the object was easy to get, no one would care. Unless the item was awesome. But then it would probably break the game and people would complain about that. So they make them hard to get and then people complain how boring it is to collect them. And my response is: Then don't collect them. Nothing about them is required, so if you don't want to do the work, stop complaining about it. Somebody else that actually cares about the reward will be happy to.

    There is an old saying that goes something like: Anything worth having should be worth working for.

    Though, I will agree that simply grinding should eventually be phased out. Maybe for something more appealing like fetch quests where you learn more about your characters or that world they live in and maybe ends with a hefty boss battle. Yeah, that would be nice.

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    • Sat November 27, 2021
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