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This picture is awesome. And huge.

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  1. Although I do agree with Rahul pointing out that the scenarios are different, I couldn't help but remember something my girlfriend showed me recently...

    Cloud Squall joins Avalanche Garden in order to go on a mission to stop Shinra the government. Later, he becomes a body guard of Aeris Rinoa who falls in love with him. Soon, they discover a force much evilier than Shinra the government, Sephiroth Edea! Sephiroth kills Aeris Ultimecia possesses Rinoa, so Cloud Squall goes after him her. He goes all around the world trying to stop him from bringing the Meteor her from bringing time compression. Then he finds the airship Ragnarok and goes to the center of the world the end of time for the final battle. Afterward, he mourns Aeris saves Rinoa and everything is A-ok.

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    • Sat November 27, 2021
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