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This picture is awesome. And huge.

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  1. Xavi said:

    Man, you must looove WW II games. Everything there makes so much sense ;)

    Of course not. For instance, I think WoW character designs are generally pretty appropriate despite having swords that are so huge no one could wield them, etc. I won't complain about that because that's somewhat internally consistent. But all these separate layers of clothing that seem overly designed and not plausible as something someone would actually wear... especially when the same character designer has done different work before...

    Auron for example is great character design because he has unique attributes that make him interesting. He wears a long coat but has one arm hanging out of a sleeve. He has a jug on his belt. His hair has white streaks, his face is scarred and he wears sunglasses. He has steel-toed boots. But despite all these things that would look ridiculous in real life, he's still internally consistent within the world of FFX, and on top of that, he's unique and interesting to look at. Same goes for Yuna, Wakka, Kimahri, etc. But Lulu was just a little bit too much over the top. And that applies to Ashe in FFXII as well.

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    • Sat November 27, 2021
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