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Dragon Quest V Ps2

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  1. some people including me over at slime knights are try to get square to let us have DQV PS2 aswell (yes i know square doesent listen):P

    but if we get alot of people on slime knights to put these banners in their signatures they might consider..

    i say its worth a shot! please try to help:D

    ps. you have to join slimeknights if you havent already

    I support the Dragon Quest V Remix title coming to America!

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  2. yes we are still doing this by the way..
    dragon quest is super cool you know!! gohd!
    please help out ^.^

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  3. I say this venture is as fruitful as an online petition.

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  4. fruitful yet worth it.

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    Really Nataru, that was such a contradictory statement that I'm now having problems with my sexuality.

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    • Thu August 13, 2020
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