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Screwed again as a PSP owner

  1. dean said:
    Name the games you are currently playing on the DS so that I may mock them!!!

    You are challenged to mock Tetris DS! I'm also playing Front Mission and will start Revenant Wings soon. Also, let's look at the future lineup: Advance Fucking Wars!!! I need not continue but I will: Professor Layton, Dragon Quest IX, ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat, Mushroom Men, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2. No other gaming system has as good of a 2008 lineup.

    Nels said:
    Some of the earliest versions of the PSP could be hacked to play roms on emulators off of memory chips. As soon as sony fixed this "problem" the PSP no longer became a good investment.

    Agreed. I remember playing Burgertime and Rampage for hours. Unfortunately I couldn't get the SNES emulator to work... Chrono Trigger and Earthbound on the go would have made PSP the best system.

    dean said:
    there's a wealth of games out there now for the PSP

    There aren't any true gems that I've found, save for War of the Lions, nor does the aggregate of this "wealth" make the system actually viable. I won't lie; War of the Lions is one of the better gaming experiences I've had, but that's about all I can say for it.

    At any rate, my personal experience with my PSP has been dismal, the situation isn't improving, and nothing anyone says (or anything Sony will do) will change this.

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