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Madworld, the game that simulates murder. Period.

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  1. Gore as a selling point has always repulsed me. Gore is never wholly necessary, and while if used both sparingly as well as tastefully, it can be effective (a la the chestburster scene from Alien) it is more often used as a device for 'hey, look at how much this person is being hurt'. It's pure exploitation and shock value.

    It's a large part of two disturbing trends in our society that worry me greatly. In film, there is a large amount of films over the past 7 or 8 years (and for the foreseeable future) in the genre that I've grown to refer to as 'torture porn'. Saw, Hostel, The Hills Have Eyes, the list goes on and on. People are paying money to go watch other people be tortured and killed in the worst ways possible, and what's worse is that so many people are enjoying it.

    In games, we've also had a shifting trend towards a different form of torture porn. Games like No More Heroes, Manhunt, and Grand Theft Auto that are all about doing the most despicable things imaginable, and often in the messiest way possible. I don't like playing as the bad guy. I'm all for spilling a little covenant blood in Halo, because it is clearly layed out that they are the aggressors, they are wrong, and what I am doing is both in self-defence, and in the defence of my people. But in Grand Theft Auto, I suddenly find myself being forced by the gameplay to shoot people who have never done me any harm simply to watch them squirm. Frankly, it repulses me.

    I have always been very anti-censorship, and I am by no means against these types of games and films from being made. I do, however, wish that I could live in a world wherein 'the people' as a whole was responsible enough and mature enough to not enjoy such things.

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    • Sun November 28, 2021
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