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Madworld, the game that simulates murder. Period.

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  1. I feel like I just stumbled onto a forum full of outraged soccer moms (take it easy, its a joke). If a little blood is going to keep you from enjoying a game, that is your prerogative. I just find it a little laughable that this game is being blasted for its "lack of innovation" months before its release. Granted, I tend to find brainless, mindless games welcome, especially after a day of work when I'm not exactly in the mood to read an entire novelized dream sequence (in reference to Lost Odyssey). If said game lets me violate people in sickening ways, then so be it. That is not to say I don't enjoy games that provide an enriching and enlightening experience, because I actually do prefer them. I just personally wish I lived in a world where people would learn to take more things that are obviously tongue-in-cheek with a grain of salt.

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    • Wed December 8, 2021
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