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Grandia 3


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  1. Maddpierrot said:
    Hey all. Was just wondering if anyone has bought Grandia 3 yet.
    I bought it just this past weekend as was looking to talk about the extreme cheesy-ness of the thumbs up. It haunts my dreams.

    Nah, I just ignore it really. The story so far is pretty entertaining and the battle system is absolutely delicious. Lets see if we can find any side quests before lame ol' gamefaqs.

    got it! im almost done with it.. it sorta lacks in the secound disk but the battle system is sweet my favorite since chrono trigger (which it some how reminds me of)

    its kinda short tho.. but worth every penny :D

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  2. I need to play it!!! Arghhhh.

    You'd think that if you're the manager of your own game store it would get you INCREDIBLY CLOSE to video games all day.


    I spend my entire day making sure everyone is staying on top of their daily tasks (alphabetizing, cleaning, changing prices, etc etc) that I have no time in my day to play one minute of gaming.

    I can't even play at home.... I'm too busy planning my next day of making sure that everyone is staying on top of their daily tasks!!

    My answer to playing Grandia or not... is NO. Though I'd play it in a heartbeat if I could take a vacation!


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    • Sun September 19, 2021
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