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Metal Gear: Outer Heaven

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  1. What's that you say? Your day won't be complete without an hour-long Czechoslovakian fan-film adaptation of a classic NES game?

    Well, then, my friend, you are in luck. Also, you have issues. But we'll ignore that.

    Metal Gear: Outer Heaven was released yesterday (and no, it wasn't an April Fool's joke). As much as the above description sounds like an absolute crapfest, its actually pretty decent, for the most part, especially for those familiar with the original game. I could have done without the voiceover narration throughout, and most of the actors (being Czechs) speak in impenetrable accents, but overall, for a no-budget effort, its worth a watch, especially for a die-hard Kojima-nut like myself.

    Download: Metal Gear: Outer Heaven
    Official Site: Metal Gear: Outer Heaven

    [edit: make sure you include http:// to external links ~Matt]

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  2. God bless these poor bastards.

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  3. I want to beat the shit out of that narrator.

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    • Thu November 26, 2020
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