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  1. Anyone remember the old Sierra adventure games like Larry, Police Quest and Space Quest?

    Well, my coworker Martin went and ported the entire engine to javascript so you can play them in the browser now:

    Pretty awesome, right?

    That's not all: they're also multiplayer, so if two or more people are in the same room, they can see each other, talk to one another and see each other's commands.


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  2. This looks absolutely great. Of course, he needs some kind of content creation tool on there to complete the package. God, I'd forgotten how much I hated Leisure Suit Larry lol.

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  3. Creating an editor to do that would be really hard since the way the old games were built wasn't exactly done with editors in mind.
    But the whole thing is open source so people who know how can download it and make their own stuff.

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