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E3 Madness

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  1. OK Now that I have spent a little more time, I'll summarize what I am excited about and what is intriguing:

    Tons more PSN games coming, particularly PS1 classics
    Final Fantasy 13 stuffs (old news)

    MAGS? (I think that is it..)
    The Last Guardian

    Super Mario Bros. Wii
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    No More Heroes 2
    New Zelda (I believe no details of the game were discussed)

    Metroid: Other M

    Lost Planet 2 (old news)

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I am sure there is stuff I have missed. There is so much stuff it is hard to keep track of. Like, I know I am missing some Squeenix games from my list (though, maybe I'm not?)

    From what I have listed, Nintendo has the most cool stuff, but I am still so excited about FF13 it is hard for anything to make me more excited than that, even if it is new. But yeah, man does the Wii have some nice stuff coming out.

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    • Sat November 27, 2021
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