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Final Fantasy VII: The Movie

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  1. No, this isn't a 'wouldn't it be nice if...' thread!

    This has been brewing for a little while now, I just haven't told anyone till now.

    A British schoolteacher with an unhealthy FFVII habit has created two 2-hour feature films culled from footage of FFVII and its spinoffs, that tells the story of the game in the leanest way possible. She has also assembled a full cast, and is in the process of getting all the voices recorded and put into the movies, which are already finished.

    I cannot speak highly enough of the footage I've seen so far. She's taken the best possible quality shots for use in the film. The majority is still footage from the original game, but at every opportunity, she's input footage from Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, or Crisis Core, to make for the best possible viewing. Also, the script is absolutely a herculean feat. She's actually managed to simplify FFVII to 4 hours of footage without you feeling like you're missing a thing (the only really major subplot that I missed was the 'Cait Sith is a spy' thing).

    Now, apart from this being an awesome thing, and I can't wait to see the finished films, I should say that I do have an ulterior motive to posting this on every forum I can. I play the part of Cid in the movie, so I do have a personal reason for wanting it to succeed. However, don't let that make you think 'oh, he's in it, so of course he thinks it's great'.

    For those who still doubt, check out the trailer, released today (the reason I posted).

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  2. This is really cool. It makes me so happy when a fan project turns out well. It makes up for all the garbage that's there in the mean time. I hope I'll enjoy watching this. FFVII has a great story, the dialog is just so cheesy at times it may be hard to actually listen to aloud hehe.

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  4. I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing. Seriously? Someone seriously cut together material from a movie and 4 different games? And the result is seriously 4 hours of cut-together cutscnes? And people think that's awesome?

    Bahahahahaha. Couldn't have been better from Square Enix itself.

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    • Thu November 26, 2020
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