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Gamescon 2009: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow extended trailer.

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  1. Alright, let's just say, I found a next gen Castlevania game mildly amusing, seeing as the past 3D iterations have been nothing but pure crud, but this........

    from GameTrailers site
    from official Konami site

    I find this amusing no more. I actually now understand how serious they are about rebooting this franchise. Some really interesting in-game moments within the trailer, I especially like how the main character interacts with the environment (e.g. using his whip to overpass pitfalls and obstacles etc), it seems to have a lot of depth in level design which is a major plus for me. I wouldn't want it to become another GoW/DMC clone where it's hack n slash all the way til the credits. I can't seem to figure out why but it reminds me a lot of Zelda in ways, not a direct rip off, but some of the environments itself have that dynamic which the Zelda series is renowned for (especially in OoT). Hmmm yea, color me excited. 2010 seems to be the year for console gaming.

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  2. It looks badass but also looks like it's channeling too many God of War elements: the weapons, the action sequences, even the action and (especially) boss situations.

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  3. Yea totally. I also see Uncharted, PS2-Rygar and Ubi-Prince of Persia moments with how the protagonist interacts with the environments and whatnot. I'm definitely intrigued with this new approach for Castlevania, if only because it reminds me of the N64 game, where I felt a 3D Castlevania had loads of potential. It's crazy to see it happening now but, well, there it is.

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  4. I'm pretty disappointed. I'm sure that its going to be a great game for fans of that type of gameplay, but to be honest I'm tired of button mashing and whipping stuff. I really wish they would have done something along the lines of a side scrolling game like Muramasa using the traditional side scrolling background or done a 2D game in 3D like Street Fighter.

    Probably the biggest draw here will be the story and production, all which look top notch.

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