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Assasin's Creed

  1. I don't see how gameplay and the thought of video games as a media for creativity and artistic ideas need be conflicting. If anything, I could easily imagine them being the number one priority for game developers, and often times 'realism' is a large hindrance towards gameplay, or at least, the more a game is about pure, unadulterated fun, the less realistic it tends to be; Something like WarioWare: Smooth Moves being the game I have in mind - But I guess the Wii is the pinnacle of "gameplay over realism" mentality, so I understand see where you're coming from.

    But I do agree, I can see a lot of games coming from low-budget independent companies reserving the #1 spot more often than not, which seems more and more possible as the months go on, and the line between what used to be an outlandish, surreal and rather 'esoteric' gaming industry and the user-driven Internet, with a generation of people that grew up with it now becoming serious professionals becoming less and less visible.

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