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Assasin's Creed

  1. 99% of all art (movies, novels, paintings, sculptures, etc) tells a story in some fashion. What the story is and how it is told is extremely vague. However if you can't come up with a story or are not sure you have one, then in fact there is no story and the piece is worthless. The easiest way to come up with a story is to just flatly tell one, like in novels and the most of film. That's the easy way out, but should not be ignored. When games will truly impress us is when game play is the story (maybe you can come up with some examples now). So no, I don't think game play is at odds with video games as a media for creativity and artistic ideas. However, I think too much is narrative given the backseat to game play that doesn't inform the story in any way shape or form. It's entertaining, but nothing more.

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