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Rom Check Fail

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  1. Download Link

    Has anyone else played this yet? Its a mashup of a dozen or so NES-era classics. If you've ever wanted to shoot at take out Gauntlet ghosts as Link inside the Pac-Man maze, well this is the game for you. I'm having a blast with it, although some of the combinations don't really work (damn you, space invaders ship!)

    Also, for those that don't know, you can hit alt+enter to make it fullscreen. The tinyness is hard on the eyes.

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  2. It's interesting, though I died every time I wasn't Mario or Pac-Man. How do you kill the bad guys when you can't jump on them or eat a power pellet?

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  3. Spacebar is the fire button. Space Invaders ship, Asteroids ship, Spy Hunter car, Defender ship, and Link all use this pretty exclusively.

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