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2010. Year of the gaming?

  1. The Last Story
    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
    Sin & Punishment 2
    Pikmin 3
    Epic Mickey
    Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Alpha Protocol
    Metroid: Other M
    Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom
    Valkyria Chronicles 2
    Yakuza 3

    with announcements/unveilings of (most likely E3):

    The Legend of Zelda Wii
    Project Sora
    Hirokazu Yasuhara Pac-Man 2010 Project
    Cosmic Walker
    Dragon Quest X
    Yasumi Matsuno Project (ooooh yeeeaa, I went there! )

    1. Year of the gaming. I said this would be as good as the year of Ocarina of Time. I was wrong, it shall be better than it. There is enough shit here to last me 2 and a half years. Seriously, fuck 2011, I'll still be stuck in 2010!
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