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Michael Atkinson - One Man Controls Mature Games in Australia

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  1. In more recent times, politicians and decency zealots have decided that the inalienable right to free speech is, in fact, alienable when it comes to certain mediums. In the U.S., the FCC regulates all content on television and radio, realms in which the government (and dozens of "family" oriented NGOs) have consistently taken upon themselves to censor at times.

    Furthermore, we have these official ratings boards that have the power to indirectly regulate content based on the ratings they give to a movie or a game. They are effectively forcing people to censor their own work by threatening them with a certain rating.

    I never questioned that there was certain things you couldn't say on TV, though recently the more I think about it, the stranger and more ridiculous it seems. What gives government the right to regulate what I hear and see? It's asinine that they perceive me as so naive and corruptible, and ever moreso that they see themselves as righteous enough to declare what is and isn't decent.

    It's ridiculous, though I sure am glad I don't live in Australia.

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  2. I support the regulation of language, sex, violence, etc. I am opposed to complete censorship. That is, when the media cannot be found in its uncensored format in some fashion.

    I also in favor of the existence of rating boards to provide consumers with advice on suitable age ranges. I do not support, however, the seemingly arbitrary nature of the MPAA rating system. They need an overhaul or a replacement.

    What I don't like is when a company makes a very mature movie, game, etc., it gets a rating that reflects its inappropriateness for younger audiences, then they complain when sales are impacted by the rating. This isn't the raters fault, this is the company's fault for making an inaccessible movie/game. If they want to keep their artistic integrity and not alter the game for the public, they know the consequences. Self regulation resulting from economic demand it not censorship, it is the natural order of things.

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