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There Will Be Brawl

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  1. Yeah, yeah, I know, I found another fan film, whoop de doo.

    I'm really enjoying this. Its a live action Smash Bros. webseries, and its actually quite good. They take all the characters and put them in a modern-day dystopian setting. Mario and Luigi are washed-up drug dealers, Samus is a stripper, Dedede, Ganon, Bowser, and Mewtwo are rival gang lords, Captain Falcon runs a gays bar, Game and Watch is a Taxi Driver, DK and Diddy are enforcers for Ganon, Olimar's an apocalypse nut. And it all works, somehow. They do a great job bringing all the characters to life. Rahul's going to hate this, because being a fan film, it does require you to just kind of go with it, but I've been enjoying it.

    Official Site

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  2. I just finished watching the first episode and I loved it. Can't wait for the rest!

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  3. Final episode is up!

    Haven't really decided what I thought yet. It was good, but I don't really care much for the ending. They're releasing a DVD image pretty quick, so it'll be interesting to watch them all in sequence.

    Watch here

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    • Thu November 26, 2020
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