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  1. So I guess I'm the only iconoclast that actually loved how this one turned out? Sure it's not perfect, but there's this overindulgent air about XIII which somehow sends me on a nostalgia trip, making me feel a euphoria that's eerily similar to the way I geeked out over Square's PSX RPGs. I mean I was expecting to hate it too, but somehow ended up on the other end of the spectrum. Maybe it boils down to whether you can unleash your inner 14-year-old-nomura-fanboy or not. Haven't purged that little guy from my soul just yet.

    Although, the soundtrack's pretty damn sexy no matter how you slice it. If you ask me, it's Hamauzu's magnum opus. And I didn't even like the guy much before (well yeah okay 'Todesengel' from SaGa Frontier 2 was pretty kickass, buuuuut)

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    • Wed January 19, 2022
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