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  1. I can't say that I've been as sucked into the game as I'd have liked... I picked it up over Spring Break (driving school bus gives me the same days off as the students), played it for a few nights; got to Disc 2 (yes, Xbox version), and it's sat in the case since...

    I don't know what it is, but I've since played through the single-player campaigns for the first Left4Dead (and a bit of Bioshock) and have had more fun with those than FFXIII... Heck, I'd even debated going and selling it off!!! -Don't worry though, I've decided to keep it and try to get back into it (I'd hate myself if I decided to pick it up down the line and play through it again...)

    I'm not complaining about the linear nature of the game, the "Press "A" to beat the game, or the lack of a world map (and the other commonly read complaints of the game that I've seen online); and actually enjoyed (my idea of) playing through a 'real-time' story/movie... I do know that I'm getting annoyed by the fact I only really control one character in the party (although I have a little control over the others w/ the paradigm shift)...

    I don't know, just my initial two cents... I might throw in a little more change later on when I've played the game a bit more!

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    • Wed January 19, 2022
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