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  1. I've just finished watching Photon: The Idiot Adventures. Quite humorous, though I found the last episode to be quite abstract and far fetched but I guess it's kinda hard to try and wrap everything up in an OVA series, ahwell.

    I also recently checked out Eternal Family directed by my very favourite Koji Morimoto. Very surreal and thought provoking. There were some very significant and underlying motifs through out this short OVA piece. In short, it's about a family that lives in a set-piece environment where they are constantly filmed for prime time TV. A lot of dysfunction between the members of the family leave you laughing and mortified by the activities they get themselves into along with the eventual revelation that the family is involved in a scheme for entertainment.......I'll leave it at that so those of you who want to see may do so without any spoilers.

    So after viewing it, I feel that for some people they might miss the point entirely (or might not be able to make sense of it) where it boarders on the verge of nonsensical (due to it's "abstract" continuity) but for me, I totally see the degree of social commentary involved regarding the voyeuristic nature of humanity and it's relationship with reality TV shows like Big Brother etc. Quite a visual feast too (which is no surprise from Mr. Morimoto!) with immensely fluid animation and wicked character designs, it at least helps to soften the "overt" subject matter that some might find hard to digest, but for me, a very compelling OVA with perfect pacing (especially with the motifs interjecting at the appropriate times) and a challenging view if you manage to pick up on all the nuances and undertones through out.

    Anyways after watching these two animes, I thought it would be nice to start an anime thread so those of us who enjoy this type of work can discuss it here.

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  2. Its been ages since I watched much anime. I was all over it in the early days, when it was first coming over to the states. Akira, Bubblegum Crisis, El-Hazard, Tenchi Muyo!, Urusei Yatsura, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell, Kishin Corps, Grave of the Fireflies, Dagger of Kamui. For a while I was watching virtually everything that came stateside. I think where I started to lose interest was about the time Evangelion was getting really big. It just wasn't as fun anymore when everybody else was doing it. I've watched some since then. The two more recent Appleseed movies, and most of the Miyazaki stuff, Steamboy, and Metropolis. Other than that, no.

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  3. You know, I was the exact same for a good long while, and I think Alita was my first anime experience ever. I got into Dragon Ball Z (when I was young and naive) for a while, watched a few OVAs here and there until Evangelion finally arrived, but past that, I kinda lost interest. It was only recently (say a year or so ago) that I got back into it with features like Porcco Rosso and Spirited Away. I later discovered Studio 4c and all their work, where I found Morimoto's stuff and discovered that most of my fav anime films were affiliated with his name, and then I became semi-obsessed again. But Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto and Satoshi Kon's works are as far as I'll go with anime.

    I'll say this also, watch out for a feature-length called "Sachiko", it's not out yet, but I guarantee it will blow minds regardless of it's anime "stigma".

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  4. Pugz said:
    Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto and Satoshi Kon's.

    You forgot Mamoru Oshii

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    • Thu November 26, 2020
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