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Keep it or sell it? New Super Mario Bros Wii

  1. Regarding the alien quality about these new 2D mario games, I'd have to 100% agree with you and I know exactly where you're coming from. Having said that, if it's a gift (which I'm assuming you got it for free) then why not just give it a whirl and see what you think (experience is the ultimate arbiter after all). I personally have no desire to pick this one up, I played the DS version and my sentiments are almost identical to yours, I finished that game feeling hollow and incomplete with my accomplishments. I mean there was no difficulty to it, I barely died, the level designs were as deep as the original Super Mario Bros. and I finished the game in no time. In fact this game just felt like an upscale version of Super Mario Bros. and for that I will never be able to fathom why (even more so to the point that it would remake the original when the later sequels were FAR superior i.e. Super Mario Bros. 3). Though I will admit that this new title does seem to make some wild improvements that do remind of Bros. 3, but I just don't think this new glaze of retro Mario will draw me in, I'd rather wait for Super Mario Galaxy 2 instead.

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    • Thu October 22, 2020
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