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Keep it or sell it? New Super Mario Bros Wii

  1. I thought NSMBW was pretty decent. I do think its better when you play with other people rather than just by yourself, although it does make it harder to get through a level without out dying. As for the difficulty in general, it seems like they did make it harder than the previous mario platformers, but that's probably because they execpt more people to play using the multiplayer rather than just going solo. As far as the new power-ups go, I think they were alright and not totally useless. Sure the penguin suit looks weird, but at least you can slide and shoot ice balls with it; much more than I can say about the crappy frog suit from SMB3. Besides wouldn't it get really boring if for every mario game they just had the same basic (mushroom/flower/star) power-ups?

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    • Thu October 22, 2020
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