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Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection (With no S at the end)

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  1. Here's one that's been a long time coming. I started work a year ago on an album of piano arrangements of Kingdom Hearts songs, because I noticed that there hadn't been an official one done. Since I can't actually play piano all that well (or at least certainly not well enough for a lot of these songs) what I did is took midis of the original songs, converted all the channels to piano, then tweaked them to make them sound right within the context of having only the piano playing. I got about this far when Yoko Shimomura goes and releases her OWN Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections album. She even calls it the same as I was calling mine, just adding an 's' on the end! The nerve!

    So I quit working on it for a while, but the other day had a stroke of...something...possibly epinephrine, possibly chloroform...either way - I decided to record the midi arrangements I'd created playing through my synthesizer. I messed around with the EQ settings to where it sounded like it was coming out of a concert hall with good acoustics, not my tiny little computer room, and voila, here we have it.

    33 tracks long, I arranged around half of the soundtrack to the original Kingdom Hearts game. Since these were originally midis, and meant to be set on loop, some of them have weirdly abrupt endings, but meh. Also, due to the quality of my mic (or lack thereof) it sounds like a middling-quality audience recording at the aforementioned concert hall, but I like to think that just adds to its authenticity.

    Anyways, here's the complete album for download at filefront.

    And here's the album art I whipped up for it.

    All of the tracks have ID3 tags, and are iTunes ready, for those of you that use that. They're mp3s, so they should work with most anything else as well.

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  3. Yoko Shimomura, that dastard...!

    Thanks for sharing, I'll be tweeting this post.

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    • Mon November 29, 2021
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