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New Xenoblade trailer hits the scene

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  1. That was awesome.

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  2. Here's an outline of what is said during the trailer, via duckroll

    duckroll: the plot is basically that those two huge mechs were gods
    duckroll: in a time before existance
    duckroll: before there was a sky and sea
    duckroll: and they fought
    duckroll: and killed each other
    duckroll: and died
    duckroll: and now the world in the game is their corpses
    duckroll: the humans live on the side if the Titan God
    duckroll: while a mech race spawned from the Machine God
    duckroll: and they're in conflict

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  3. Wow, that's some sweet info there! Sounds good, the more I find out about this game, the more reason to bump it up on my wanted list.

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  4. The second piece of music on the official site is awesome! Yoko Shimomura can do no wrong.
    The Last Story and Xenoblade. The year of the Wii I think.

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    • Sat August 15, 2020
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