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Games you want to play in 2010

Poll Question: What games are you anticipating in 2010?

  1. 4%2
  2. 14%7
  3. 10%5
  4. 2%1
  5. 20%10
  6. 2%1
  7. 10%5
  8. 6%3
  9. 14%7
  10. 12%6
  11. 6%3
50 Votes
  1. Well on that poll list, I'm going for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M. I'm more excited about Other M due to Yoshio Sakamoto's involvement, but Galaxy 2 is shaping up to be quite an extraordinary platformer, even more so than it's predecessor.

    There are but 3 more titles (not on the list) that I'm quite anxious to play. Epic Mickey, Sin & Punishment 2 and Vanquish. 2 of those titles involve my other 2 favorite game designers (Shinji Mikami and Warren Spector) besides Yoshio Sakamoto. It's a really exciting year for me because I'm receiving a game from all 3 of my fav game designers. 2010, is my 1998 for videogames, hell, it could be even better.

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  3. Given that there's little Epic Mickey buzz on the game blogs and that there's still not too much known about it, are you still confident it'll come out this year?

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  4. @Matt

    I was actually thinking about this recently. Hmmm I dunno, I feel that maybe we'll get a huge media blow out at e3. That's just wishful thinking I know but hey, until Warren or Disney state otherwise, then I'm still a believer it's coming out this year (maybe christmas period?).

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    • Wed October 28, 2020
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