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Demon's Souls

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  1. The game now has a Europe and more importantly for me Australian release date. Has anyone here played the title? I know I could have imported it but I only really started learning about it more recently. I'd like to know what people think of it (that have tried it out). The idea of a stupidly hard game appeals to me, I guess most of the games I play challenge-wise aren't up there with the greats and I'd like to try something harder. From the reviews I've read it's meant to be good, but I prefer the opinions of general gamers a lot of the time.

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  3. @Alex Yep. Best game of 2009 for me (or 2010 if you consider that it isn't actually coming out here until now). It was the first truly revolutionary RPG I've played since Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (or World of Warcraft, I guess, if you count MMOs).

    Here's what you need to know about Demon's Souls: it rewards patience. It's all about carefully navigating poorly lit passages and choosing your battles. It's about not storming into a room, because that will get you killed. It's about tactics, having full situational control over a battle, and using that to your advantage. It's about deciding when to use a two-handed weapon to bludgeon the enemy down, or to use a ranged weapon, or to use a shield with a one-handed poking device like a spear. It's about strategically choosing which levels to play in which order, and about replaying levels to learn the structure of the level. It's about deciding whether to carry a lot of stuff on you, because if you do then you might not be able to pick up what drops in the level. It's about choosing the right equipment, like heavy armor, which makes you hard to kill but quick to tire and slow to move, or light armor, which makes you easy to kill but allows you to dodge near anything. It's about getting surprise-PVPd by a black phantom and kicking his ass by being prepared for the unprepared. It's about being careful, controlled, and cool all the time.

    Demon's Souls is revolutionary because it makes you feel like you're actually a nobody up against incredible odds, but winning because of your guile and your sense, not because you can shoot hadokens. It also makes you feel like you're in a real world through the use of convincing physics, the (almost complete) lack of invisible boundaries, realistic difficulty and sparing use of over-the-top boss encounters.

    Fighting a dragon in Demon's Souls is a horrifying experience that takes a long time and involves patience, positioning and cunning. You can't just blow it up in three hits with a supercombo. That in itself was amazing enough.

    And I didn't even start about the amazing multiplayer system introduced by the Blue Phantom random buddy gameplay.

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    • Wed January 19, 2022
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