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Kotaku Japan uninvited from MGS Peacewalker launch event

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  1. This isn't surprising. You call someone on possible funny business, they're probably going to be offended, whether or not said funny business is actually going on.

    Is it a conflict of interest? Yes, but pretty much every major video game news outlet that is supplied with preview information beyond a basic press kit is in the same boat.

    When Jeremy Parish blogs about going to private test screenings you know something is fishy in the business. I trust him as a journalist with a high amount of integrity, don't get me wrong (seriously, I value his opinion more than probably any other video game journalist). But the invitation IS a conflict of interest when his employer is also going to print a review of the game, especially if it is done by Parish.

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  2. That's what I thought: not suprising. Yet to me adding a popular gaming magazine into a game world and having the Editor-in-Chief of said magazine appear in ads is probably further than your average case. Such is life in the corporate world. One of these days we probably won't be able to start up games without seeing 1-2 minutes of new ads from the internet each time.

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