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Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The rpg to end all rpgs.........apparently.

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  1. We've got ourselves some new in-game scans here. Lots of people are loosing their minds claiming it will be the greatest RPG ever made. The obsession here is that it has an overworld........oh and that everything is destructible.


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  2. hahah, I always thought this looked more interesting than Final Fantasy XIII but if it's the greatest RPG ever I will buy an expensive hat and eat it in front of the cashier. The gameplay is chalked up to be something in the vein of Kingdom Hearts' action-RPG trappings, right? Could be a fun time. I also wonder, after being blown away by FFXIII's score... is this soundtrack gonna be any good?

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  3. Honestly, I didn't know this game was even still in development. It has completely slipped from my radar (an unfortunate affliction suffered by almost all Square Enix games these days).

    What's so great about having an overworld, anyway? Is that already something that people see as purism?

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  4. I have no idea. I completely forgot about it until recently when GAF decided to dedicate a 17 page (and ongoing) thread based of these 3 scans. Some people are going crazy and saying shit like "this beats e3 period" etc. Crazy. I don't get it, I mean yea sure it looks detailed and graphical but it's Nomura and that guy can't design a game even if the concepts were given to him by someone like Yasumi Matsuno.

    Speaking of purism. The only way you're gonna get me excited about an RPG is when I see Matsuno's name attached. Until then, I will forever remain skeptical of anything RPG related (except for Diablo III ). I want engrossing game play and I'm almost certain Versus will fail at achieving that.

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