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Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

The rpg to end all rpgs.........apparently.

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  1. I have no idea. I completely forgot about it until recently when GAF decided to dedicate a 17 page (and ongoing) thread based of these 3 scans. Some people are going crazy and saying shit like "this beats e3 period" etc. Crazy. I don't get it, I mean yea sure it looks detailed and graphical but it's Nomura and that guy can't design a game even if the concepts were given to him by someone like Yasumi Matsuno.

    Speaking of purism. The only way you're gonna get me excited about an RPG is when I see Matsuno's name attached. Until then, I will forever remain skeptical of anything RPG related (except for Diablo III ). I want engrossing game play and I'm almost certain Versus will fail at achieving that.

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    • Sun December 5, 2021
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