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Super Mario Galaxy 2: a great example of how a sequel can be better than the original

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  1. they got rid of those stupid-ass cosmic clone races. These things were fucking horrible, and what I feel kind of ruined the first game

    I mean, hooray!, but I don't know if I would go anywhere near as far as to say they ruined the game. Super mario galaxy was such a great game as a whole; the races were merely a minor blemish.

    PS. Thanks for the impressions; I can't wait to play it!

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  2. I've played a few hours of SMG2 at a friend's house. From a design standpoint it shocked me how much fine tuning could be done over its predecessor. My only complaint is that I haven't come across any equivalent to story book time with Rosalina.

    We hear a lot of complaints that Nintendo keep beating its key franchises into the ground. As long as Nintendo does the beating with games of this caliber, no one should be complaining.

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  3. @Nels I believe the complaint is that they are doing so with generic, sub-par titles in remote genres (Mario Sports Mix, for example). Nobody is complaining about the major iterations that Miyamoto has his hands in.

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