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Report: StarCraft II Budget Has Exceeded $100 Million

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  1. $100 million for a graphics upgrade and a new campaign, over a decade later.

    Keep on keepin' on, Blizzard.

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  2. @Mr_Domino the figure was cited by Bobby Kotick, but I wonder how much of the budget went into the new

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  3. @Matt

    Reputedly quite a bit of it.

    Blizzard isn't going to fall any time particularly soon. However, their days are numbered. They've become insanely bloated, and honestly were a joe everyman studio creating a game like Starcraft II without the name recognition of Blizzard and Starcraft (especially for the amount of money they've spent), it would be an abysmal failure.

    Just my two-and-a-half cents.

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  4. You could say the same thing about Valve and look at what wonders it has done for them. It's taking this long because they simply can take as much time as they want. Nintendo is also another fine example of this.

    I can't blame them, each company holds a franchise I dearly cherish and thus far, they've done nothing but stellar work.

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  5. Actually Mr_Domino, I think you're right. When I look at Nintendo and Valve, they don't spend as much money as Blizzard developing games. Well not now anyway. I thought about it and yes Nintendo and Valve spend a shitload of money prototyping game design and gameplay etc but I think they would not exceed anywhere near 100m mark.

    Blizzard on the other hand is proving they'll blow a ton of cash on the most finest details possible. I actually think Blizzard lack the foresight of how unhealthy it is to have such astronomical development costs. If money is spent adding then subtracting certain costly assets due to iterative walls through the development cycle, it makes me wonder what exactly the ultimate goal is regarding quality control? It is most interesting.

    As the future presses onwards, I am awaiting the unveiling of Diablo III's development cycle and it's cash flow to sustain it's 7 year-and-ongoing cycle. Lord knows what their next MMO will entail as well.

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  6. @Pugz

    Well, Novus Aeterno is being made for less than a million (at least so far - we're hovering under the mark), and honestly while we certainly don't have the beautiful cutscenes or overproduced sheen over everything that Starcraft II has (at least not yet), I don't see any reason why we won't have considerably more than 1/100 of their users.

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    • Fri January 22, 2021
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