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Tactics Ogre returning on PSP

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  1. This is a welcome development, though an original title would be ideal. Yasumi Matsuno is for real hands-on on the project?

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  3. This is cool news. I've regretted not getting the PlayStation port back when I could (I remember being in the store and saying no). Of course, this would mean buying a PlayStation Portable. I guess we'll see.

    Either way, I'm glad Matsuno is back working on his baby. We can only hope that Square Enix's next big foray into the world of Ivalice has him back on board as well. That world was far too interesting to be dropped or passed on to somebody else just because Matsuno left the company.

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  4. @Nels You still don't have a PSP? How on earth do you play Lumines and Patapon?

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