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Vancouver, BC


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  1. Hi everyone, I'm going to be heading there at the end of the week to attend a week long conference. I've been spending so much time preparing my presentation that I've had almost no time to search for cool stuff to do in Vancouver (the conference is really a glorified vacation). So I was wondering if any of you have been there and found something really cool to do or if you've just heard from a friend.

    As of right now I want to try to see the aquarium as well as China Town. I'm a big fan of restaurants, museums and concert halls. I've tried looking into that but haven't had much luck.

    Any input would be great. I'll be sure to bring a report if that is something you all actually care about.

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  2. @Nels Wish I could help but my sole experience with Canada has only to do with Niagara Falls. Vancouver is supposed to be awesome, and especially so if you like Chinese people and wheed.

    Good luck on the presentation!

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  3. @Nels A report would be pretty cool if you get up to doing any interesting stuff, which I'm sure you will. Would read. Haven't been up there personally, but apparently the city has a site geared towards visitors, so it probably won't be too hard to find something exciting. There's always something happening in these big cities.

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  4. OK, I've been back about a week now and here's the rundown:

    I didn't get to see most of what I wanted to, the aquarium, museum of modern art, Stanley Park, the suspension bridge, etc. I also didn't get to eat at most of the places I wanted to (if you really want to know the names I can look them up again). However I still managed to get some good food (sadly a real shortage of Asian food on my list, despite there being a plethora of good places), see China Town and some other run-down places (I love seeing that kind of stuff), and I saw 2 things I didn't expect to see: The Celebration of Light and the Gay Pride parade. I'm pretty prude (not an issue with gay people, I'm just a prude) so I had no interest in going to the pride parade, but my friend and I happened upon it as it was being setup. So I got to see parts of it in a more subdued form. Which is good enough for me. Of course there's the neat architecture as well. The disappointing thing for me is that I could have seen several of the thing I wanted to but all the walking really damaged my feet. All the shoes I brought (it's silly, I brought 3 pairs) either gave me blisters or literally cut my feet from walking in them too long. After I attended the conference in the morning I was too exhausted to walk anywhere else (and too broke to take a taxi).

    Speaking of the conference, it went well. I learned my lesson last year in DC: don't go to anything technical. So I went to some presentations on education, history, etc. My presentation went well. It turned out what I presented wasn't very good, but for this kind of conference that didn't matter so much because the main thing is that I got some practice presenting. I had a good time.

    So a lot of things went well, but I still feel there is a lot to do. I guess that means I'll just have to go again sometime

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    • Thu November 26, 2020
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