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Killing Samus: How Metroid: Other M ruined gaming's greatest heroine

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  1. I really liked the gameplay from Other M and while I feel there are missteps in this new iteration, for the most part, this is the first true representation of the 2D Metroids in 3D.

    The story though? Total bullshit. Yea, if they believe this is the best way of portraying Samus and the world she lives in for future installments, I will not follow.

    Turns out Yoshio Sakamoto is human after all!

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  2. @Pugz I agree with you on the gameplay; it was great.

    I also felt that the storyline was lacking. I keep hearing that most people seem to have a problem with just how Samus sounded. I guess people just thought that her voice was too bland and didn't match the character. I for one didn't see a problem with the voice actress they chose; I would rather have her sound too bland than for her to sound like some fucking valley-girl or something like that. However, for her to not talk at all would have been the best way to go.

    I also thought that the idea that she couldn't ever use her items unless she was authorized to was pretty retarded. I think the game would of benefited better if it gave the player a choice; whether to follow orders or not. Each would have it's own benefits and consequences.

    I think though that my biggest problem with Other M was that you didn't get shit for beating Hard Mode! Its like the developers were saying thanks taking our challenge, but go fuck yourself.

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  3. Having not played the game I'm still waiting to hold judgment. I didn't grow up a Metroid fan, but grew into it later in life. I don't think of myself as having too much attachment to the series. But from the reactions I've heard and what I've read about who is Samus Aran before made it seem like the above article makes some very good points. However I think Gamer Overthinker: Heavens to Metroid provides a nice counterpoint and adds to this debate quite nicely. The guy is normally quite in favor of feminist viewpoint, so I wouldn't chock up his contrary position simply to sexism (which is the easy/dismissive thing to do).

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  4. I've heard some nice things about Other M recently that have me pondering giving it a try...

    With all the grousing about Metroid: Other M’s annoying story, it’s worth remembering the simple origins of the Metroid series: one young woman raised by bird monsters, happening upon statues of those bird monsters that hold upgrades to her awesome suit.

    tinycartridge (with fan art!)

    ...most importantly, the melodrama is actually endearing once you submit to it.
    That’s a good way to sum up the Other M experience: You have to submit to it in order to fully appreciate it, but once you do, it’s pure Nintendo magic. Hokey, yes, but so much fun.
    Other M is a glorious return to the real Metroid. It’s the Super Metroid box art come to life.

    phantom leap

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    • Fri January 15, 2021
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