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Apparently Epic Micky sucks :(

Poll Question: Epic Micky is...

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  1. I gather most of you were at least as excited as I was about Epic Mickey. Something apparently went awry, however, which is a huge blow to my gaming esteem (but then again when it comes to Nintendo shit, what isn't these days). It's got a 73/100 right now on metacritic with some comments like

    ...polluted by a terrible camera and hollow fetch quests.

    ...a complete turd that wastes the idea of its central mechanic and couples this with platforming gameplay that would have been woefully underwhelming a decade ago.

    It's my personal belief that the word "turd" should be reserved for truly boring, useless, steaming piles of excrement, for use on things like pandas or Buster Bluth's skill in soccer. So if Epic Micky truly is a turd, it's a sad day.

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  2. Dammit, I hope its not true. I'm planning on getting this for christmas, and have been greatly looking forward to playing. I have you guys (Matt & Pugz) to thank for getting me interested in a game, that I normally would have had just overlooked before. Hope its not true. Guess I'll just have to wait and play it myself.

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  3. After playing this game for about a week, I can say that I've enjoyed what I've seen so far. True, the camera system in this game can be down-right unbearable at times to the point you want to hurl the controller into the screen, but thats about it. Other than that, I think the story is quite unique and enjoyable. I love how, in order to get from level to level, you must transverse through 2D layouts of old Disney cartoons; my favorite is the first one you go through, taken from the cartoon Mickey and the Beanstalk, a cartoon that I've must of watch over a hundred times as a kid. Also, the interactions between Mickey Mouse and his "older brother" Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, can be quite amusing to say the least. So, definately give this game a try at least once if you can.

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  4. I know this is a 10 month old topic now, but I can't just sit by and watch people wonder if Epic Mickey is a good game or not. It's definitely not the greatest out there, but it is still a great game. The camera and controls are a little iffy at times, but they don't really hurt the game overall that much. It was worth a buy at full price when it first came out, if someone is reading this and never got it, you should definitely pick it up now since it is lower in price. Great game.

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