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3DS, the anti-Game Boy

Inexpensive, low-tech and sporting an impressive battery life, the Nintendo Game Boy was released in 1989. Next month, Nintendo is releasing the 3DS. It's everything the Game Boy wasn't. It is the Anti-Game Boy.

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  1. In this Kotaku editorial, The Nintendo 3DS Is The Anti-Game Boy, the author asserts that 3DS is built with extra components -- more components than are necessary to play games -- making it more than just the utilitarian handheld console that the Game Boy was.

    The 3DS boasts a plethora of features beyond simple gaming. It can do augmented reality, it has a 3D camera, it can trade data with other 3DS owners players pass on the street. The bells and whistles on the 3DS are actually the most un-Nintendo thing about the product. This is a company who did not put a DVD player in the Wii, because it thought people should only play video games on it. Yet, the 3DS lets gamers view streaming television and movies, all in 3D.

    So here's the question: If 3DS is less Game Boy, is it more Virtual Boy or Game Gear? Are these worries overstated? Have you preordered already, like I have?

    I initially poo-pooed both DS and Wii when they first came out. I think DS is among my favorite consoles ever, and I play Wii almost every day. I'm not underestimating anything Nintendo's coming up with anymore.

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  3. I'm interested in the system itself, but I'm not going to make any purchases until I know what software is going to be available for it. The launch lineup looks pretty weak, and while I know that Nintendo has a ton of awesome properties at their disposal, I'm looking at my Wii wondering where all the awesome games are. I didn't like the new Metroid from Team Ninja and so far my Wii isn't a "game console" so much as "an expensive Donkey Kong Country Returns machine". With that in mind, I'm watching the 3DS carefully before I drop cash for it

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    • Sun January 23, 2022
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